All Day Long   Video   Uge 15

All The King's Horses  Video  Uge 3

A Stiff Drink  Video  Uge 13

Caribbean Feeling   Video   Uge 37

Chasing down a good time  Video  Bibi 🙂

 Chasin' Tail Lights   Video  Uge 14 

Close to My Heart  Video  Uge 10

Deep South   Video  Uge 5

Double Down Two Step  Video  Uge 11

Every Time She Walks By  Video  Uge 41

His only need   Video  Uge 39

Like A Fine Wine  Video  Uge 17

Lonely This Weekend   Video  Uge 43

Make You Stay  Video  Uge 8

Mood Swing   Video  Uge 23

People are Good  Video  Uge 48

Perfect   Video  Uge 46

One Night Stand   Video  Uge 44

Salt and Lime  Video  Uge 4

Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS)     Video  Uge 34

Story    Video  Uge 19

Taking My Time  Video 

True Beliver!   Video  Uge 35

Wandering Hearts  Video  Uge 36

Wonder  Video  Uge 6