1159  Video  Uge 39

A Girl Like You   Video  Uge 11

A Little bit of Love  Video  Uge 16

Back To Ireland   Video  Uge 45

Cards on The Table   Video  Uge 46

Carnival Ride  Video  Uge 40

Champagne Promise  Video  Uge 35

Clap Your Hands, and Stamp Your Feet  Video  Uge 2

Down On Your Uppers  Video  Uge 43

Drinkin' Problem   Video   Uge 12

Early in The Morning  Video  Uge 41

First Cha  Video Uge 18

For the World  Video  Uge 8

George Strait   Video  Uge 6

Feelings  Video  Uge 4

Friday  Video  Uge 48

In good Shape  Video Uge 5

Irish Dream  Video  Uge 38 (musik)

Just my Luck  Video  Uge 39 bonus

Keep Hanging On  Video  Uge 44

Life's Too Short  Video  Uge 34

Lonely Drum   Video  Uge 37

Love Flow   Video  Uge 20

Raining Glitter  Video  Uge 17

River Town  Video  Uge 3

Rollin' Home  Video  Uge 50

Speak to The Sky  Video  Uge 41

The most Beautiful Girl Video  Uge 36

The Older I Get   Video  Uge 47

Wating on a Song  Video  Uge 35

Where we've Been   Video  Uge 24