Be There In Your Morning  Video  Uge 15

Chica Boom Boom  Video   Uge 10

Come Dance with me   Video  Uge 3

Cruisin'  Video  Uge 45

Florida Swing  Video  Uge 12

Gone' How longe?   Video  Uge 9

Homeland  Video  Uge 38

I Close My Eyes  Video  Uge 20

It must be love  Video  Uge 41

Lindi Shuffle  Video  Uge 34

Little Wandering Heart  Video  Uge 49

Living Next Door To Alice  Video  Uge 34

Lucky Lucky Country   Video  Uge 35

Mamma Maria  Video   Uge 34

My Girl Sally  Video  Uge 8

Nothing But Tail Lights  Uge 10

Oh Carol  Video  Uge 46

On The Road    Video  Uge 36

Rita's Waltz   Video  Uge 37

Runaway Cha    Video  Uge 6

Safe in My Arms EZ   Video  Uge 13

Save Me Tonight  Video Uge 40

Stealing The Best  Video  Uge 17

Sunshine In The Rain   Video  Uge 5

Thanks a lot  Video  Uge 47

That's The Place  Video  Uge 50

The Dance  Video  Uge 18 (Ingen video endnu)

The Freeze  Video  Uge 34

Where I belong  Video  Uge 4

Whiskey Bridges   Video  Uge 16

Without A View   Video  Uge 23