Beast of Burden  Video Uge 41

Bibia Be Ye Ye  Video  Uge 14

Chasing down a good time  Video  Uge 17

Cheap Cologne  Video  

Crazy Devils  Video  Uge 37

Dear Future Husband  Video   Uge 23

Ghost Town  Video  Uge 8

Greystone Chapel   Video  Uge 2 (Nytårsdans)

Gypsy Queen  Video  Uge 35

Isn'e Enough  Video  Uge 24

It's Up To You  Video  Uge 9

Leave the Boat  Video  Uge 34

Mariana Mambo  Video  Uge 50 (Juledans)

Nancy Mulligan  Video Uge 11

Never Ever Go Away  Video  Uge 43

Reasons for My Tears   Video   Uge 33

Record Year   Video  Uge 45 (Annie)

Recovering   Video  Uge 48

Rose From The Sea  Video  Uge 12

Oops Baby  Video  Uge 4

So just Dance Dance Dance  Video  Uge 39

Suite 16   Video  Uge 45 (Annie)

Taking My Time  Video  Uge 19

The Trail  Video  Uge 38

Your Heaven  Video  Uge 36