Let øvet

1159  Video  Uge 19

Behind The Clouds  Video  Uge 8

Be There In Your Morning  Video  Uge 13

Better Times  Video  Uge 19

Built To Last   Video  Uge 48

Buy Me A Drink  Video  Uge 8

Cabo San Lucas  Video  Uge 5

Chase That Song   Video  Uge 39

Chattahoochee  Video  Uge 38

Cowboy For A Night  Video  Uge 6

Diamond Rings  Video  Uge 35

Drinking with Dolly  Video  Uge 36

East to West 17  Video  Uge 8

Give my Love to Rose   Video  Uge 36

Gypsy Queen  Video  Uge 3

Happy, Happy, Happy  Video  Uge 11

I Must Be Dreaming  Video  Uge 24

If love was a  Video  Uge 16

It Might Kill Me  Video  Uge 44 (Annie)

Language Of The Heart   Video  Uge 4

Long Black Train  Video  Uge 10

Love Like Before  Video  Uge 35

Mama's Heart Of Gold   Video  Uge 50 (juledans)

Missing  Video (Kun musikken)  Uge 47 (Annie)

Pretty Little Galway Girl  Video  Uge 12

Primer Beso  Video  Uge 39

Simple Things  Video  Uge 46

Staring at the Moon Video  Uge 21

The Lucky Ones  Video  Uge 44 (Annie)

Top Of The World  Video  Uge 12

True Believer   Video  Uge 23

We danced    Video  Ny uge 33