An Absolute Dream   Video  Uge 43

Bored    Video  Uge 50 (Juledans)

Diamond Dixie  Video 

Doing Alright today   Video  Uge 40

Drinking with Dolly  Video  Uge 12

Golden Wedding Ring  Video  Uge 14

Feeling Kinda Lonely  Video  Uge 34

I Love A Rainy Night    Video  Uge 35

It Might Kill me  Video  Uge 24 (sommer)

It must be love  Video  Uge 36

JR  Video  Uge 10

Lindi Shuffle  Video 

Living Next Door To Alice  Video 

Love Like Before   Video  Uge 48

Lucky, Lucky Country  Video  Uge 4

Me Marie  Video  Uge 18

One Call Away  Video  Uge 9

Peaches & Creame  Video  Uge 8

Pick a Bale  Video  Uge 44

Pure And Simple   Video  Uge 39

Rita's Waltz   Video  Uge 40

Send me a letter Amanda  Video  Uge 2

Tall Cuba Libre   Video  Uge 45 (Annie)

Thanks a lot  Video  Uge 44

That Boy  Video  Uge 37

The Freeze  Video  Uge 38

Until The Dawn   Video Uge 45 (Annie)

Where I belong  Video  Uge 8

Write This Down (AB)   Video  Uge 45 (Annie)