Country Timen

@ The Hop Video  Uge 8

Ain't Worth The Tears  Video  Uge 10

Askin' Questions Video  Uge 20

Baby Doll Waltz  Video  Uge 36

Bring on the good times  Video  Uge 44

Country Race  Video  Uge 13

Curious Girl  Video  Uge 33

Destiny  Video  Uge 8

Drift Away  Video  Uge 35

Foolin' Around  Video  Uge 37 (Bente)

Happy, happy, happy   Video 

Holly's Church  Video  Uge 16

If love Was A  Video  Uge 18

It Might Kill Me  Video 

Naughty but nice   Video  Uge 12

Nothin' but Taillights  Video  Uge 38

Once Bitten Twice Shy   Video  Uge 46

Send me a letter Amanda  Video  Uge 3

Slappin' Leather  Video  Uge 39

Stay All Night  Video 

The Støvle dans   Video  Uge 50 (Juledans)

Urban Love Song  Video  Uge 11

Walking Backwards  Video  Uge 38

Wave on wave  Video  Uge 8

If You Love Dancin'  Video  Uge 45 (Bibi)