Country timen

All about a woman

Angel of the night  (Bente DueHolm)

Beer for my horses  Ny uge 46

Better times  (Bibi Dyhr)

Big love   Ny uge 47

Bud Wiser

Closer  Ny uge 47

Country Roads  Ny uge 10

Disappearing Tail Lights  

Down the road   Ny uge 44

Drinking  Ny uge 13

Feeling kinda lonely   

Foolin' around  (Bente Dueholm)

Forever and ever

Full House 

Golden Wedding Ring  Ny uge 11

Good time girls   Ny uge 43

Good Times  Ny Uge 23 (sommerdans)

Hey boy    

Honky Tonk Stompe

If I was a singleman  Ny i uge 24 (sommerdans)

I'm ready to roll  Ny uge 4

In good Shape  Ny uge 17 (Bente Dueholm)

Just add moonlight 

Just my luck  Ny uge 47

Keep it going 

Knee deep  Ny uge 45

Kill the Spider 

Like Coca Cola in Hollywood   Ny uge 45

Love trick  Ny uge 4

Mama's Pearls 

Memphis love

My Country 

Old 97    

People are crazy  Ny uge 43

Prescilla   Ny uge 45


Rosa-a-lee  Ny uge 4

Sadies dress  Ny uge 48

Speak to the sky   Ny uge 43

Spred a little lov  Ny uge 21

Such a fool 

Sunbeam  Ny uge 2

Sweet sweet smile  Ny uge 47

Temble Bar Ny uge 17

Thanks a lot  

That 55 Ford   Ny uge 43

The real deal Ny uge 46

This and that

To be in love  Ny uge 8

Top of the world  Ny Uge 1

Trailerhood  Ny uge 11

Walk the line  Ny uge 4

Whatcha Rackon

Wheels & Roses

Where I belonge

Whiskey insted of wine  Ny uge 48