3 AM  Ny uge 15

3 day road  Ny uge 8

All day long  Ny uge 4

And get it on  Ny uge 3

Angel in blue Jeans

Angeleno  Ny uge 21


Baptized by rock and roll: Ny uge 7

Borrow My Heart  

Bosa Nova:

Bring on the good times  Ny uge 17

Cheap cologne Ny uge 22 (Sommerdans) - Der er endnu ikke en video til men prøv lige at høre noget skøn musik

Cloud Number 9:

Corn don't grow 

Far from the charts: 

Friends like Mine:  


If You can:


Just a kiss  Ny uge 50

Love her for a while  NY uge 47

Mom, the bomb  Ny uge 19

No Tricks:

On my way  Ny uge 6

Salt & Lime:

Save the day  Ny uge 24 (Annie / Sommerdans)

Second Hans Heart   NY uge 1

Sinatra & Chardonnay  Ny uge 44

Teddy's girl   NY uge 46


The Bump:   Ny uge 43

Ticket 2 Heaven:

Try everything Ny uge 9 - Stepsheet - Ingen video af dansen endnu :)

Twist & turns  Ny uge 49

Walk with me  Ny uge 11

Well Do Ya?  Ny uge 13 x🤪

We only live once:

Where We've Been:

Woman trouble:

Zjozzy's Funk   Ny uge 5