All You Need                  Video

Be There in Your Morning      Video

Blue Night Cha          Video

Bud Weiser          Video

Chica Boom Boom        Video

Coastin´          Video

Come Dance With Me          Video

Country 2 Step          Video

Cruisin'          Video

Disappearing Tail Lights          Video

First Cha          Video

Golden Wedding Ring          Video

Gone, How Long          Video

I'm Ready To Roll          Video

Icebreaker              Video

Like A Star          Video

Little Red Book          Video

Mama`s Pearls          Video

Sea Of Heartbreak          Video

That's The Place          Video

This And That          Video



Be Strong        Video

Beer For My Horses        Video

Blue California        Video

Bosa Nova        Video

Cannibal Stomp        Video

Forever And Ever        Video

Galway Girls        Video

Gone, How Long        Video

High Cotton        Video

Hold Your Horses        Video

In good shape        Video

Knee Deep        Video

Lord Help Me        Video

No Tricks        Video

Patsy Fagan        Video

People Are Crazy        Video

Side by Side          Video

Speak With Your Heart        Video

Suds In The Bucket        Video

Stars in my eyes           Video

Sweet Sweet Smile        Video

Take A Breather         Video

The Trail        Video

Vertical Expressions (m/tag)        Video

Waltz Across Texas        Video

Whatcha Reckon        Video

Øde ø        Video